The French - 13.05.2016

Simon Rogan’s Chef Week 2016 – The Menus

Simon Rogan’s Chef Week 2016

The Menus


Tom Barnes – L’Enclume, Tuesday 7th June

Brisket dumpling

Mackerel in coal oil

Asparagus and crab

Raw scallop, pea, kohlrabi and calamint

Jersey royals, goats curd, smoked eel and nasturtium

Brill in poultry juices, toasted yeast flakes, courgette

Reg’s duck, turnip, cherry and elderflower

Crozier blue cheese, Pear in bees wax, Fruit bread

Macerated strawberry, Meadowsweet and almond


Simon Rogan, Wednesday 8th June

Beetroot leaves

Fermented red cabbage juice, prawn puff

Whipped broad bean, cured ham, egg yolk

Abalone mushrooms with frozen oyster

Celtuce heart in smoked beef broth,

Aged veal with anchovy and broccoli stem

Grilled tomatoes and claytonia

Halibut, courgettes, salmon roe,

red orache, nasturtium butter

Herdwick Lamb loin with spinach and smoked cherry,

Goat’s cheese and sweet woodruff

Iced artichoke, walnut, butterscotch

Preserved gooseberries, mint and meadowsweet


Adam Reid – The French, Thursday 9th June

Crispy trotter and belly, pickled onion

Pollock cured in peppers, white cabbage, fried rye

Barbecued asparagus, soft cheese, Smoked yolk

Raw scallop, smoked cod roe, and caviar

with a broth of summer herbs

Rose veal loin, smoked tongue, fried seaweed,

last years cowberries and kohlrabi

Macerated Cheshire tomatoes, toasted bread and compressed leaves with soft herbs and celery salt

Cornish mackerel pickled with preserved rhubarb,

Celeriac, apple nasturtiums

Loin of Herdwick lamb, grilled courgette,

peas, beans and ramson caper dressing

Macerated berries, cultured cream mousse, and frozen mint,

cherry blossom and the berry juices


Dan Cox – Fera at Claridge’s, Friday 10th June

Squid, oyster, herb bunch

Chicken wing, radish and malt

Sole, smoked pork, lovage

Green and white asparagus

Portland crab, flowering stems, fennel, seaweed

Carrots with ox tongue and elderflower

Steamed cod, sweet bell turnip, black truffle

Roast lamb, summer cabbage and hyssop

Meadowsweet, Pershore cherries, sheep’s milk ice


Marcus Noack – Group Executive Chef, Saturday 11th June

Green Pebble

Cod Roe Dip, Herb Puree, Knåkebrød

Nesting Egg

Asparagus, Kataifi, Crispy Onions

Bacon on Toast

Button Mushroom, Lardo, Baguette

Pop Culture

Chicken Liver Parfait, Cherries, Popcorn

Raw Delight

Langoustine Carpaccio, Avocado, Yuzu

Field Study

Topinambur, Truffle, Ragstone

River Hedgehog

Pike Perch, Cauliflower, Caper-Raisin

Filthy (good) Pig

Pork Belly, Pickles, Hen of the Wood

Summer Snowball

Raspberry, Gin, Elderflower

Piña Coladuck

Pineapple, Coconut, White Rum